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May Day 2006

This year the first day of the month ‘May Day’ fell on a Monday - the first time in two years the event has occurred on a ‘normal working day’ - so a test for the Organising Committee to see the level of demand for May Day to be reinstated as a national Holiday in the UK as it is across the World. So it was pleasing to see thousands of workers from Trade Unions across the UK rallying and marching together from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square.

Trade Union rights and further calls to the Labour Government to repeal the Tory anti trade Union laws were particularly pertinent this year in the presence of workers from the Peugeot factory Ryton (Coventry) where 2,300 of them face job loss with the factory’s closure in July.

The platform of speakers were - Derek Simpson (Amicus General Secretary), Ken Livingstone (London Mayor) Gloria Mills (TUC President). Each pointed to the Labour Government facing a "disastrous defeat" at the next general election unless Labour addressed concerns over NHS cuts, job insecurity and pensions.