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May Day 2012

This Mayday week Britain went into a double dip recession. "....workers are in the middle of a massive battle - resisting the Tory coalition government's attacks on pensions, jobs and conditions in both the public and private sectors." This year's Mayday rally in London again brought together people from many different struggles. The grey rain clouds which threatened the day were soon chased away by the rallying cry for universal solidarity.  

Trade Unions, political parties, campaigning groups and cultural organisations representing Turkish, Kurdish, Chilean, Colombian, Peruvian, Portuguese, West Indian, Sri Lankan, Cypriot, Tamil, Iraqi. Iranian, Nigerian migrant workers and communities from across the world gathered in Clerkenwell Green to prepare for the march through central London to Trafalgar Square. Along the way in Holborn the march was joined by "Occupy" activists who added more colour and music to the march as well as poignant speeches to the more traditional platform of trade unionists and campaigners.

This year's speakers were introduced by Martin Gould (President SERTUC) and Linda Kietz (GLATUC) - they were : Len McLuskey (General secretary of Unite), Dot Gibson (National Pensioners Convention), representatives from the NUJ, Remploy (which is again under threat of closure through the withdrawal of funding), Migrant workers and various current disputes.