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May Day 2014

This year’s May Day marked the passing of two ‘working class heroes’ - Tony Benn MP and Bob Crow (RMT President). Thousands of people gathered together and marched from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square. It was far from being a sad occasion. The RMT’s brass bands cheered the marchers with rousing tunes and their brightly coloured banners ensured the occasion was a celebration of two great figures. The speakers were joined by Bob Crow’s daughter, Natasha, who spoke proudly and very movingly about her father. The event also missed the company of Tony Benn, who, on so many “May Day” occasions, had given the rousing closing speech.

Speakers were: Frances O’Grady (Gen Sec TUC), Dot Gibson (Gen Sec National Pensioners Convention), Chris Baugh (Gen Sec PCS), John Hendy (CTUF), Sam Fairbairn (People’s Assembly) with others from international groups and trade unions.