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Mayday 2017

Clerkenwell Green was again the rallying place for London's May Day 2017. At midday, on May 1st, Trade Unions, political groups and community organisations gathered together with their flags and banners for the 2 mile march, through London's streets, to the iconic Trafalgar Square. Occasionally the dark rain clouds cast a shadow over the colourful gathering. Although this year's march was well attended the feeling was subdued - maybe from enduring another year of political and economic events which had impacted badly on people's sense of well being: the referendum decision and fall out from withdrawing from membership of the EU, the silent political "coup" in the government which ensures continuation of economic depression and anti-trade union policies, and the tedium of 'political' splits deflating the Labour movement....

At the main rally in Trafalgar Square Tony Lennon (President SERTUC) introduced the line up of speakers from the TU movement and campaigning groups. John McDonnell MP (Labour's Shadow Chancellor) covered all the big issues: the future of the NHS, the plight of refugees, world conflicts and of course the forthcoming general election and a real chance to change the government. The Rally's theme of "International Solidarity" was well reflected in the participation of the Brazilian, Chilean, Palestinian, Kashmiri, Bangladeshi, Turkish, Kurdish, Italian, Greek, Cypriot, Iranian, West Indian, Portuguese, Sri Lankan, Polish, Bulgarian and Tamil communities.